Aer Lingus A330-300 EI-EIN Delivered.

Aer Lingus A330-300 EI-EIN was delivered Toulouse – Brussels this evening as EI2533. The aircraft wears Aer Lingus 2019 livery and brings the A330-300 fleet up to ten aircraft.

Aer Lingus A320 EI-DEH Brussels Cancellation.

Aer Lingus A320 EI-DEH operated EI630 Dublin – Brussels this morning, however the return EI631 was cancelled. After two and a half hours on the ground the aircraft positioned back to Dublin as EI991.

Aer Lingus A320 EI-DVN EI528 Brussels Diversion.

Aer Lingus A320 EI-DVN operating EI528 Dublin – Paris CDG diverted to Brussels this evening. After midnight the aircraft positioned Brussels – Dublin as EI993. As a result EI529 Paris CDG – Dublin was cancelled.

Aer Lingus A320 EI-CVB EI840 Brussels Diversion.

Aer Lingus A320 EI-CVB operating EI840 Cork – Amsterdam diverted to Brussels this morning due to weather at Amsterdam. The aircraft later positioned Brussels – Cork as EI991. As a result EI841 Amsterdam – Cork was cancelled.

Withdrawn Aer Lingus A320 EI-EZW Returns to Service.

Withdrawn Aer Lingus A320 EI-EZW returned to service this evening operating the EI638/EI639 Dublin – Brussels rotation. This is expected to be a short term arrangement and the aircraft is still scheduled to go to Brussels Airlines.

Aer Lingus A320 EI-DVG Takes Over EI638.

Following the earlier technical return of EI638 Dublin – Brussels to Dublin, the delayed EI638/EI639 rotation was subsequently operated by Aer Lingus A320 EI-DVG.

Aer Lingus A320 EI-DEH Returns from Brussels.

Following the technical issue it encountered yesterday evening, Aer Lingus A320 EI-DEH departed Brussels this morning operating yesterday’s delayed EK639 Brussels – Dublin as EI1639.

Aer Lingus A320 EI-DEJ Returns from Brussels.

Following the technical issue it encountered yesterday, Aer Lingus A320 EI-DEJ departed Brussels late this morning operating yesterday’s EI847 Brussels – Cork and EI1847. The aircraft then positioned Cork – Dublin as EI991.